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Cryptic had developed innovative software technology in the security sector and several patents have been granted for it. Understanding the market for the software and generating sales was another matter and we lacked the objectivity to do that. Alan worked as part of our team to help us understand where our software was positioned in the market, identified the key partners we needed to succeed and what sales channels we should recruit. This drove our product road map from being technology driven to being market driven, saving us considerable effort and cost and improved our time to market. He even closed the deal with our first channel partner.

Alan and I have worked together on a number of projects and business ventures over the last 12 years. Whilst most can say all the standard stuff about themselves re: qualities to qualify them for their chosen role(s) eg. diligent, innovative, thought provoking, strategic thinker, leader, etc. Alan has a rare talent in that he can actually 'sell' and coach others and complete organisations to do so. He is analytical and will get straight to the 'hard question' of 'what is our business proposition and why it is so special...or not! Then roll sleeves and go and demonstrate how to capitalise on the said business/competitive advantage, or rework the proposition so that it is compelling, right down to going after prospects under his own initiative, to prove the business model if necessary. On top of this is a level of understanding of 'corporate' business that is vital, for young and small businesses, where their aspiration is to grow via partnering with, or supplying such organisations. I've seen this work, first hand and whilst Alan will 'challenge' all the way, to tease out the essence of a business's realistic market opportunity, he will equally get in the boat and row with you, once the plan has been agreed and targets set. He likes a laugh too, never taking himself too seriously!

Alan develops leading edge, innovative, customer focused products and propositions that are well thought through and have been extensively researched. He works to create win-win outcomes for all parties involved

Alan is able to analyse and target the market opportunity, build strong partnership relationships with senior clients and internal stakeholders, direct multi-disciplinary international teams to deliver winning bids for complex requirements and negotiate internally and externally to close deals quickly.

I found him personable, supportive and a key enabler of new growth opportunities for the Commercial sector in Capita.

Dave Shearmon Security Dialog

Alan has been instrumental in our transformation from a Software Company to a Cyber Security Services Company. This has ranged from getting clarity on our business strategy and clearly defining our service offering through to articulating that as a value proposition to target customers. He went on to help us with our channel strategy, generate sales opportunities and gain our first end customer contracts. Alan continues to be my sounding board, I know I can rely on straight and constructive responses. It is always a pleasure working with Alan.