from strategy to action

Business Strategy

Working with your Board or Executive Management Team to clearly define and articulate the business strategy for communication to all stakeholders and action.

Target Markets

Selection of particular Target Customer Segments and Buying Influences within them to identify the best potential market opportunities

Value Propositions

Development of specific Value Propositions that meet the needs of target customers. What particular gain/pain points will be addressed and how? Testing of Value Propositions in the market to confirm relevance and assess opportunity.

Demand Generation

Lead generation campaigns using the most appropriate techniques including outbound, inbound, social media and event marketing.


Identification of channels to market. These could be both direct and indirect. Preparation of sales for customer engagement. opportunity qualification. Coaching of sales staff. Doing whatever it takes to help you close orders!

from strategy to action

Our focus is on delivering tangible outcomes for your business

We have a very practical and result oriented approach. We will put measurement systems in place with you to track progress at all times, so that we can see what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

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